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Are There Rules for Double-Barreled Names?

I'm seriously considering a double-barrel first name for a daughter. I have been poring over the internet for the best way to write it: hyphen, just a space, no space but two capital letters? I have read that French names use a hyphen, but Southern U.S. names do not. But I live in Pennsylvania! Is there a rule I can follow so I know I am doing it properly?
- Double-Barreled Mom

Dear Mom,

I'm happy to tell you that propriety isn’t an issue. When it comes to punctuating double-barrel names, the U.S. is an anything goes kind of place. Every approach to doubling is used and approved, so you can’t get it wrong. This is great news for creativity and flexibility, but bad news for decision making.  Never fear, though. With attention to the practical over the proper, you can work out some rough guidelines.

 First, let’s talk about why hyphens are so handy.


Why Rue McClanahan was the Original Renesmee

After musing yesterday on the prospects of the name "Rue" in the wake of Rue McClanahan's death, we were schooled today by the New York Times. Rue isn't a name that never made the fashion grade; rather, it's part of a birth name that was ahead of its time. McClanahan's birth name is the first known celebrity example of a mashup name.


Racer and Dancer Hélio Castroneves Welcomes Daughter Mikaella

Hélio Castroneves of Indy Car racing and Dancing with the Stars fame welcomed daughter Mikaella into the world on Dececember 28, 2009. Celebrity Baby Blog reports Mikaella is his first child with girlfriend Adriana Henao.  If you want to see a picture, check out Castroneves' latest Tweet.

Mikaella is an original twist on a popular sound.