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Mel says he & Oksana are having a baby!

Mel Gibson himself made it official Monday night on The Tonight Show.  Not one to shy away from the cameras, Mel told Jay Leno – and the world – that he and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva are having a baby!  Not that this comes as a total surprise, given that NameCandy alerted you to this possibility way back on May 19.  

Oksana, a 39-year-old Russian musician, is signed to Icon Records – a record label belonging to none other than Mr. Gibson!  Could this lead to complications in the baby-naming department?  If they disagree on names, will he try and pull rank?  Careful Mel, you’re Martin Riggs only in the movies!

Both Mel and Oksana have practice naming a new baby – the 53-year-old Mel perhaps a bit more practice, as he has seven children with former-wife Robyn.  On The Tonight Show he jokingly referred to himself as “Octo-Mel,” given that he is now expecting number eight.  And what can we expect on the name front?  Let’s see if the past can give a clue to the future and look at the Gibson line-up so far: Hannah, Christian, Edward, William, Louis, Milo, Thomas.  And for her part, Oksana has a son Alexander with former boyfriend actor Timothy Dalton.

What to make of this?  Mel seems to favor a more traditional flavor of name – could he root for a Matthew or a Rachel, an Isaiah or maybe that all-time classic Mary?  With Alexander, Oksana shows a preference for a strong yet elegant name – could she draw on Russian history to name a little Nicholas or Catherine?  Word is Oksana is in her second trimester and due in early fall.  Any suggestions for Mel and Oksana to mull over between now and then?



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