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Baby Update: Tripp (baby to Bristol & grandbaby to Gov. Sarah Palin)

Baby Update: Tripp (baby to Bristol & grandbaby to Gov. Sarah Palin)

It’s been a big past few weeks for Bristol Palin – she graduated from high school, her son Tripp turned five-months-old and this week she and Tripp made the cover of PEOPLE.  Absent from the cover was Tripp’s father, Bristol’s former fiancé, Levi Johnston.  Tension between the two parents has been covered like crazy in the press, but amidst the hoopla, has anyone been discussing what to make of this baby’s name?

See what Laura Wattenberg, The Baby Name Wizard, told The Chicago Tribune in December 2008  about the name Tripp!  It’s a name that will fit right in at a Palin family reunion!  Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband Todd – perhaps rebelling against the commonness of their own appellations – went for unique choices in naming Bristol and their other four children: Track, Willow, Piper and Trig.  And looking at the father side of the family tree, Levi’s parents, Sherry and Keith, also to decided to mix things up, naming their daughter Mercede (that’s right, no s there).  Beyond the surname, Bristol and Levi went for the double middle name, so when all's said and done, we have Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston.

How unique is this baby’s name?  The name Tripp made the top 1000 boy names for the first time in 2008, at position 926.  As for Easton, that name has been on the up-and-up, never even making the top 1000 names until the 1990s (rank 935) but by 2008 reaching spot 302.  And then there’s Mitchell, a name consistently in the top 1000 – peaking at number 91 in the 1990s and but still showing a respectable 337 in 2008.

So though this baby name is certainly no Jacob (ranked 1 in 2005-2008), it is also less out-of-the-ordinary than first meets the eye.  Our prediction?  Before long Grandma Sarah will be seeing many other little Tripps at the playground.  And perhaps a few Levis and Bristols too!



January 24, 2013 5:39 PM
By stephenix25 (not verified)

Were Michelle Williams and Maggie Gyllenhaal aware of the coincidence in their naming, or at the very least did they read the same books as young girls?-Douglas Andrew

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