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Kelly Announces New Baby and Kendra Announces New Pregnancy

According to People.com, famous Hugh Hefner ex and Girls Next Door star, Kendra Wilkinson, has announced she is expecting a baby along with soon to be husband, Hank Baskett.  Unlike most other celebs, the stunning blonde has already given some insight into the baby's name!  She told People that Kaleigh (K for Kendra and Leigh is Kendra's middle name) is a possibility for a baby girl, and Hank Baskett IV is a possibility for a baby boy.  How do these two names rank in popularity in the US?  According to Babynamewizard.com, the name Kaleigh is currently ranked 544 in the US, but the name Hank peaked back in the 1960's.

While Kendra appears to get along with her ex Hugh, another famous blonde, Gossip Girls' Kelly Rutherford is not so lucky.  Already in a custody battle with ex Daniel Giersch over their two-year-old son Hermes, People.com reports that Kelly and Daniel just welcomed another baby into their rocky world.  In keeping with the H theme, the baby girl's name is Helena.   How sad is it that Hermes already has his work cut out for him protecting his baby sister...from their arguing parents!  We hope the couple works things out soon.


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