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Poppy Montgomery Gives Baby Plenty of Names: Why Choose Just One?

poppy montgomery

When Poppy Montgomery announced she was pregnant in an interview with David Letterman back in July, she revealed she was already six months along. Clever hiding skills? Definitely. But the hiding is over: Montgomery just revealed that she has given birth to a son.


Leelee Sobieski Gives Her "Secret Baby" a Name for the Ages

Leelee Sobieski

Well this is one we definitely weren't expecting! Actress Leelee Sobieski and husband Adam Kimmel are now officially parents-of-two because the couple has welcomed their second child ... back in July. Wait, what?!

That's right. Sobieski was first spotted with a baby bump back in May but has remained impressively silent on the baby front. Next thing we know, their son has arrived. And his name? A complete classic. The couple is already parents to 4-year-old Louisanna Ray, but this time they went a more traditional route by naming their baby Martin.


Robert Downey Jr.'s Reveals the Meaning Behind Baby Avri's Name

Robert Downey Jr.'s Reveals the Meaning Behind Baby Avri's Name

While we all may have scratched our heads a little bit earlier this week, wondering how to pronounce Robert Downey Jr.'s new babies name, the wait to know is over.  Not only did Robert Downey Jr. dish to People magazine on how to pronounce little Avri's name, he also revealed the cute meaning behind Avri Roel's middle name.


Rachel Bilson Gives Baby Name Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson and longtime boyfriend (and even former fiance) Hayden Christensen have welcomed their baby girl and given her a name straight out of a Disney fairy tale. Several sources are reporting that the couple has named their little princess Briar Rose!

Sound familiar? In the original Brothers Grimm Sleeping Beauty tale, the three pixies named the princess Briar Rose in order to protect her from Maleficent's curse. And now, the delicate and female moniker has been given to Hollywood's latest addition.


Carrie Underwood's Baby Gender 'Accidentally' Revealed As Well As a Possible Name!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were the most adorable co-hosts in the history of the Country Music Association Awards last night. In their opening monologue, he cutely asked her to whisper in his ear and let him in on the secret of whether she was expecting a boy or girl. Carrie looked a little nervous about it -- but she obliged because, what was the worst that could happen? Brad wouldn't let the cat out of the bag, right?

Only he did -- in a MAJOR way. Brad pretty much announced to the world that the singer is going to have a ... boy! And their reactions after he spilled the beans are priceless.


Blake Lively's Unusual Pregnancy Decision Will Make Baby Naming Harder

Blake Lively's Unusual Pregnancy Decision Will Make Baby Naming Harder

For those of you who couldn't wait to find out if Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be stocking up on newborn sundresses or cute little shorts with suspenders (love those), we're going to have to be a whole lot more patient. The couple has apparently decided not to spoil the secret of their baby's gender -- for themselves.

Blake and Ryan will NOT be asking their doc to reveal their baby's gender because, according to an insider, they want to be totally surprised.


Robert Downey Jr.'s Baby Name: How Do You Say That, Anyway?

Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man has welcomed his first daughter and she's already turning heads. Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, welcomed their baby girl yesterday and gave her one of the more unusual celebrity names we've ever heard: Avri Roel Downey. Try saying that five times fast.

In typical RDJ fashion -- read: quippy comments and personal asides -- the proud dad made the announcement earlier today on his Twitter. Take a look:


Kelly Rowland Gives Her Tiny Baby a Very Big Name

Kelly Rowland

There's a new Destiny's Child in town! Kelly Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their first child yesterday. And the couple are now the proud parents to a baby boy, whom they've named Titan Jewell Witherspoon.

Both mom and baby are doing great. The couple released a statement, saying that they were "thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son." It's exciting news for the newlyweds!


Robbie Williams & Ayda Field Give Baby a Super Old-Fashioned Name

robbie williams wife giving birth

British singer Robbie Williams has been getting tons of attention lately. The new dad-of-two documented wife Ayda Field's labor this week and even belted out "Let It Go" in the middle of the delivery. And now, the couple's latest announcement reveals their son's name: Charlton Valentine Williams.


Ashton Kutcher Shares Meaning Behind Baby's Name

Ashton Kutcher Conan O'Brien

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have gotten a lot of flack for their daughter's "unusual" baby name. Folks have said baby Wyatt Isabelle is going to scare parents off of naming their boys Wyatt because (in a nutshell) what celebrities do with their babies becomes a "rule" for everyone else.

So you may be wondering why the heck the celebrity couple gave their little girl a name most commonly associated with boys. Was it a grand plan to subvert some sexist practices? An "eff you" to the establishment? Not. So. Much.