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A Sibling Name for Audio Science?

A Sibling Name for Audio Science?
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Actress Shannyn Sossamon is pregnant! Known for her role in The Knight's Tale (opposite Heath Ledger), Sossamyn is notorious for another role: she's the celebrity who named her first son Audio Science

We recently discussed the notorious celebrity baby name Apple, and we got an earful about word names in our post about Rebecca Woolf's twins, Reverie and Boheme.

But no celebrity baby has a more notorious name than Audio Science, who got word names for both his first AND his middle names. Even more, the words work together to form a phrase, making Audio Science distinct even next to Penn Jillette's Moxie Crimefighter and Jason Lee's Pilot Inspektor

When you choose a name for your first child, to some extent you're limiting the range of choices for your next child. This is perhaps especially true if your first choice makes such a strong statement as Audio Science does. You might worry that a child whose name doesn't "match" will feel left out. Of course that doesn't stop some celebrities from choosing boldly mismatched sibsets. (Or from side-stepping the issue of sibling sets, as Jason Lee did when he decided not to release the name of his daughter, leaving celebrity name watchers everywhere wondering what a celebrity could possibly pick to follow Pilot Inspektor.)

How would you solve this riddle? What sibling set would you choose for Audio Science?



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September 20, 2011 7:31 PM
By emily (not verified)

how about Video Geography :)

September 20, 2011 7:45 PM
By Liz (not verified)

Visual Art

September 20, 2011 8:11 PM
By Jocelyn (not verified)

Copper Pipe
Lemon Pepper
Techno Bible
Zipper Eight

Hey, this is fun!

September 20, 2011 8:36 PM
By Kayna's Mom (not verified)

Well, here are my top ten:

Digital Algebra
Empire History
Technological Spanish
Computer Typing
Radio Frequency
Physical Educaton
CAD Drafter

ehhh.. screw it, I only made it to 7! :)

September 20, 2011 8:56 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Visual Fiction

September 20, 2011 10:48 PM
By Namenerdia (not verified)

Atom Galaxy. or Demo Reason. or Gravity Space. or Lyra Rhapsody. or Aura Elegy. It's not really a very confined domain. :)

September 21, 2011 7:53 PM
By Allison Margaret (not verified)

I kind of like Audio as a word-name, actually, but Audio Science is just too much.

September 22, 2011 10:04 AM
By Carol (not verified)

Video Art or Visual Art

September 22, 2011 11:35 AM
By Stephanie (not verified)

Sensory Art
Visual History

To get away from the senses with school subjects, I have heard that she is a big fan of the sciences and such so maybe she would draw from physics or astronomy or something. She could also consider elements.

Gravity Field
Sola(r) Flare
Luna(r) Tide
Magnetic Pull
Hydrogen Molecule

It is all ridiculous to me. I prefer boring names to the absolutely insane, myself :)

September 25, 2011 9:01 AM
By Mama Gray (not verified)

Sonic Boom, definitely. It could work for a boy or girl.

Of the previous suggestions, I think
Techno Bible
Lyra Rhapsody
and Luna(r) Tide
have promise.

September 26, 2011 4:52 PM
By Peyton (not verified)

I do like Audio for a possible name, but Audio Science? Pilot Inspektor? That sounds like child abuse, no offense. I do like Luna Tide and Visual Art. :)

September 27, 2011 3:07 PM
By shadelit (not verified)

Event Horizon
Solar Flare
Future Theory
Nebula Observatory
Story History
Chemical Balance
Seasonal Axis
Bluegreen Phosphorescence
Crackle Electromagnetism
Shining Truth
Lunar Fossil
Outer Mongolia
Stellar Gravity
Bardic Wisdom
Cat Bed
Charisma Bubble

...this IS fun.

I admit I am actually kind of a fan of the new Hollyweird crazy naming conventions. My own kids' names are not exactly the heart and soul of conventional, either--and although I'd never actually use anything as far-out as Moxie Crimefighter or Audio Science, I still kind of love their unabashed weirdness. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

November 16, 2011 12:00 AM
By Yana (not verified)

Speaker Map (boy)
Virtual Library (girl)
LMAO @ this post!

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