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Top Ten Celebrity Names Blog Stories for 2011

Top Ten Celebrity Names Blog Stories for 2011
Portman kept her son, and his name, under wraps. (Fame Pictures)

It's December! And that means the year-end roundups have begun. Let's kick things off with a look back at the most popular Celebrity Names Blog stories of the year.

What stories most captured the attention of readers in 2011? Dead celebrities and baby name mysteries. Also, you guys can't get enough of extreme reality-TV families. Here they are, the top-10 most popular celeb blog stories of the year. 

  1. Report: Did Natalie Portman Name Her Baby Alef? Isla Fisher, Evangeline Lilly: The Case of the Unreleased Celebrity Baby Name was an unavoidable trend here on the Celebrity Name Blog this year. Baby name rumors about Portman's son, whose name was eventually confirmed to be Aleph, inspired the most popular post of the year. Natalie Portman's Baby Name: French? Jewish? American? also made the top 5.
  2. Pink's Baby Name: The Singer Goes Green  Willow Sage Hart, the nature-y name chosen by singer Pink and her husband Corey Hart, inspired one of the most perenially popular posts of the year. 
  3. Elizabeth Taylor's Children's Names: Michael, Christopher, Liza and Maria. As news spread that the legendary actress had passed, people were suddenly confronted with this fact: we all knew so much about her husbands, but had no idea what she'd named her children.
  4. New Year's First Baby Names 2011: A Little Ditty About Jax and Cai-Ann. Each year, we do a round-up of the first babies born in each of the 50 states. Make sure to check back in January for the next version! 
  5. It's Official: Josh & Anna Duggar Make "M" Names Their Own.  Mariah who? Far bigger than Monroe and Moroccan was the initial story of Michael James Duggar, second child of Josh and Anna Duggar. With his birth, it became clear that the Duggar Family 2.0 would also be doing that single-initial thing that's such a part of Duggar family lore. Next up: Michael and Mackynzie will get a younger aunt or uncle when Michelle Duggar welcomes baby #20. You KNOW that name announcement is going to be huge.
  6. Banned Baby Names: Is Your Name On the List? Other countries' weird name hangups. 
  7. Steve Jobs: Kids' Names, Computer Names, Brand Names, and the "Stupid Invented Acronym" An acronym invented after the fact is a backronym.
  8. Can Kate Middleton Keep Her Name After Marriage? The most popular Royal Wedding-related post was this simpl inquiry into the mechanics of Kate's new name.
  9. Find Out What Sister Wives' Kody Brown is Naming Baby No. 17 (Hint: It's Not Cleveland!) An extreme family with tons of kids, but three different wives picking the names? Sounds like name-nerd catnip to us.
  10. Trendspotting: Other Names for Grandma?   What to say instead of "Grandma." And "Glam-Ma" Goldie Hawn herself welcomed a new grandkid that led to this runner-up to the top 10:  Kate Hudson: New Baby Boy, but No Name Yet. (Later revealed to be Bingham.)
  11. 11 names for your 11-11-11 Baby  (Yep, this top 10 goes to 11.)

These were the most popular posts -- which were your favorite stories?



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December 4, 2011 12:22 PM
By Den (not verified)

Pink's husband is Carey not Corey.

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