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Five Secret Celebrity Baby Names of 2011

Five Secret Celebrity Baby Names of 2011
Lauryn Hill

To keep their kids out of the spotlight, some celebrities keep their babies' names secret. For many of these publicity-shy celebrities, the truth eventually comes out, as it did in the cases of Leo and Aleph. Other names stay under the radar.

Here are some celebrities who gave birth in 2011, but whose baby names remain unknown. 

1. Tonya Harding: The figure skater-turned-pro wrestler gave birth to a son in February, but never released his name.

2. Lauryn Hill: Hill gave birth to her sixth child, a boy, in July, around the time the gossip mags were speculating on the end of her romantic affiliation with Rohan Marley. The pair have five children together: Zion, Selah, Joshua, John and Sarah. Hill has announced neither the father nor the name of her sixth baby.

3. Guy Ritchie: The director and his model girlfriend, Jacqui Ainsley, welcomed a baby son in September, but haven't announced a name. With his ex, Madonna, Ritchie is father to sons Rocco and David

4. Aishwaryha Rai: Last month, the Angline Jolie of Bollywood (you might know her from The Pink Panther 2) had her first baby with Bollywood's Brad Pitt, Abhishek Backchan. The baby girl's name hasn't been reported, and has probably not even been chosen. Her father has been taking "A" name suggestions from his Twitter fans. In the meantime, the baby goes by the cute nickname Beti B. 

5. Lilly Allen: The British pop star, whose married name is Lilly Cooper, engaged the world's sympathies when her two earlier pregnancies failed to come to term. People were thrilled by last month's news that she and husband Sam Cooper were parents to a new baby (aka "Mini" Cooper). Lilly thanked fans for their well-wishes on Twitter, but is keeping the baby's name private for the time being.

Then there are the baby names that are sort of out of the bag, but sort of not. Evangeline Lilly has not confirmed that her son is named Kahekili, though the name is now widely reported. We're also not sure about Hugh Grant: is his daughter's name Jessica? Or is it  "Happy Accident"? Both? Or maybe something else?

Which of the Secret Celebrity Baby Names of 2011 are you most curious about?



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January 10, 2012 10:18 PM
By Sarah (not verified)

Lily Allen now has an Ethel Mary. Long live the name Ethel! I think it's a total gem!

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