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Beth Littleford's Daughter Gets a Family Name: Halcyon

Beth Littleford's Daughter Gets a Family Name: Halcyon

When it came to naming her new daughter, Beth Littleford kept her decision all in the family.

The comedian who got her start on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and transitioned to TV (Spin City) and movies (Crazy, Stupid Love) adopted a baby girl with her producer husband Rob Fox over the weekend, Beth shared on Facebook. Her little one's name is Halcyon Juna Fox.

“Halcyon is my middle name and my grandmother's name,” Beth explained. As for her middle name, big brother Jackson Oliver Fox, 6, “wanted to name his new sister Juna.” The little girl will go by Hallie J. Fox.

The uncommon name Halcyon is of Greek origin. In mythology, the name belonged to a daughter of Alcyone and Ceyx. After Ceyx was killed in a shipwreck, Alcyone tried to drown herself. As the story goes, the gods saved her and turned her and her late husband into kingfishers. The bird was said to have a calming effect on the sea during stormy weather. So the name has taken on the descriptive definition of halcyon, meaning “calm,” “tranquil” and “happy.”

As for brother-selected Juna, it has never appeared on the Top-1000 popular names list either—but we’ve seen it before in Tinseltown. Last year, General Hospital star Bradford Anderson and his yoga instructor wife, Kiera, named their daughter Juna Meredith Anderson. At the time the new mom explained that the name comes from Indian mythology: “Juna was inspired by the character of Arjuna, the spiritual warrior in the [Hindu scripture] Bhagavad Gita." Arjuna — meaning “bright” and “shining” — was known for being a superhuman archer with a reputation for being unbeatable.

Juna makes us think of “J” names June (No. 597) and Junia, the biblical name that Zac Hanson gave to his daughter. Junia is the feminine form of Junius, an old Roman name deriving from Juno. Of course Juno was also the popular 2007 movie about teen pregnancy which starred Ellen Page--and Coldplay drummer Will Champion has a Juno. In a post on her site, Baby Name Wizard's Laura Wattenberg talks about names with -a endings and how they're the classic marker of feminine name. Read her full post here.

Of all the names mentioned for Beth's little one, the girl's nickname, Hallie is the most popular (No. 576) with the variant Halle even more so at No. 506.

What do you think of Halcyon? How about the nickname Hallie? Share your opinion of those names -- as well as Juna -- below.



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March 27, 2012 11:50 AM
By Valerie (not verified)

I like it- both names have a pedigree and also a family connection- they are unusual, but not unheard of.
I happen to know another Juna (brother C@sey and sister L@ila- all three in their early 20's) and that was the only time I've come across the name.

March 27, 2012 1:28 PM
By Annee (not verified)

I have a cousin named this who was born in 1990; she also goes by Hallie. I have never known anyone by this name, and have always been curious as to where Hallie's mom came up with that name. Now, I may have to ask her ... ;-)

March 28, 2012 12:21 AM
By Cristina (not verified)

What a gorgeous name! I've long been a fan of Halcyon and Halcyone, and Juna is so beautiful. A great alternative to June and Julia.

May 8, 2012 5:03 AM
By Edwina Hinojosa (not verified)

n a post on her site, Baby Name Wizard's Laura Wattenberg talks about names with -a endings and how they're the classic marker of feminine name

July 19, 2012 3:19 AM
By fashion house (not verified)

Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

October 17, 2012 1:13 AM
By Shanna Stovall (not verified)

Halcyon is my middle name and my grandmother's name,” Beth explained.

April 15, 2013 5:48 AM
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