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NASCAR Star Jimmie Johnson Welcomes A Second Daughter

NASCAR Star Jimmie Johnson Welcomes A Second Daughter
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Genevieve Marie Johnson has a baby sister. Race car driver Jimmie Johnson announced that he and his wife Chandra had another daughter on Friday via Twitter. It doesn’t seem to have taken the parents long to come up with a name this time.

Baby Lydia Norriss Johnson didn’t just get a more timely name than three-year-old sister Genevieve, she also got a more popular name than her elder sister. Lydia is a Biblical name of Greek origin that is now more popular than ever.

Though Lydia doesn’t get much love among celebs (our database shows only one Lydia), it has been climbing the charts for the past several decades and recently appeared in the top 100 names. Why is Lydia on the rise? While we’re certain that Lydia the Tattooed Lady (ask your parents—or grandparents) doesn’t get any credit, there are a few pop culture Lydias we’ve noticed lately. Breaking Bad fans may recall that Lydia is the name of a certain associate of Walt’s. There’s also a teenager named Lydia on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Perhaps the name’s biblical origins are behind Lydia’s entrée to the top 100.

While the family hasn’t shared a story behind the name Lydia or middle name Norriss, mom Chandra Johnson is an Oklahoma native, and the name Lydia is especially popular there as well as several other southern states. Norris is a rare boy’s name, but Norriss is a mystery to us.

What do you think of the name Lydia Norriss Johnson? Any insights into the name Norriss? Do you like the sibling set of Lydia and Genevieve?



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September 23, 2013 7:59 AM
By Canlı Tv (not verified)

Yes i think Johnson is a very cute name and also you should keep it for your child.Thank you.

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