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New Baby Alert: NCIS' Michael Weatherly Welcomes a Son

New Baby Alert: NCIS' Michael Weatherly Welcomes a Son
Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet
NCIS star Michael Manning Weatherly Jr. and his wife, Bojana Jankovic, a doctor of internal medicine, welcomed their son Liam Weatherly on Tuesday October 29th according to PEOPLE. Little Liam is welcomed by two older siblings, Michael and Bojana's 18-month old Olivia Weatherly, and older brother August Manning Weatherly, 17, from Michael's previous relationship with actress Amelia Heinle.

Earlier this year Michael Weatherly discussed naming Liam with U.S. Weekly, saying "There are many names being discussed. Some are very controversial. We have some Serbian names and some Irish names. Her heritage is Serbian, mine is Irish. I thought that it might be fun."  Liam clearly signals that his Irish heritage won the naming debates this time around!
Liam has been one of the fastest rising names in popularity over the past two years, cracking the top 10 in the most recent popularity lists released.  Liam is one of the names that the Baby Name Wizard refers to as "raindrop" names, which "shows its liquid form by packing two or more syllables into four or fewer letters".  This category of names includes other "of the moment" names such as Ella, Emma, and Noah, as well as classics like Mary.
Do you have any "raindrop" names that are on your favorites list?  What other up-and-coming names do you think fit with this style?



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November 4, 2013 1:07 PM
By BL (not verified)

Olivia and Liam. They picked from the top of the lists, it seems.

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