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Michelle Monaghan Welcomes Tommy

Michelle Monaghan Welcomes Tommy

Actress Michelle Monaghan welcomed a second child with her graphic designer husband on October 30th. USMagazine reports that they had a son named Tommy Francis White. The pair is already parents to four-year old named Willow Katherine.

Like many nicknames as given names, Tommy has fallen quite a bit in the last several decades. The name Tommy was once a top-100 name but is now ranked around 600. The most well-known use of Tommy as a given name is fellow actor Tommy Lee Jones.  However, Tommy is among the hottest names in the UK right now.

Though it seems to come from the other side of the style spectrum, middle name Francis has had a trajectory similar to Tommy’s. Though the new pope has brought the name to the fore again, Francis has spent the last half century out of the top-100 names and is also ranked around 600 these days.

Even with four names to consider, it’s hard to figure out this family’s naming style. In 2008 when the Source Code star and her husband picked a name for their daughter, they went with a rarer nature name and one classic choice; first name Willow, which was then #407 and has continued to climb and middle name Katherine, which placed at #45. Monaghan’s husband is originally from Australia, where Willow is currently among the top 50 girls’ names, but Tommy is nowhere to be found.

What do you think of the name Tommy Francis? Can you see a pattern with this sibling set?






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November 4, 2013 10:16 PM
By Ve may bay di Anh (not verified)


November 11, 2013 6:28 AM
By Michelle (not verified)

Michelle Monaghan is nice name. Super pretty combo and a great name that will age well.

More about name Michelle Monaghan.... Do you know.....

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