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Brooke Anderson Welcomes a Girl!

Brooke Anderson Welcomes a Girl!
Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet
Entertainment Tonight correspondent Brooke Anderson and her husband, Jim Walker, welcomed a daughter with an announcement that their daughter will go by two names: her given first name in conjunction with a nickname of her given middle name.

Anderson announced that Lily Georgina Walker, born on November 30, 2013, will go by Lily George.  Big sister Kate Victoria (who goes by Kate) joined her parents in welcoming little Lily George to the world.

Brooke Anderson's decision to use her daughter's first and middle name in conjunction as a everyday name for her daughter is an interesting choice.  Using a first and middle as a child's everyday name isn't a new trend, as an era of Mary Beth and Mary Anne's would be quick to mention.  However, it's uncommon for children born today and the combination of the trendy Lily with George sounds like a fresh take on a classic naming style.

It is unusual to see George used as a girl's name (although way back in the 1930s at the the name peaked as the 520th most popular name for girls).  Lily George shares her second name with two other celebrity daughters: Mikaela George Spielberg and  Freda George ForemanThe potential rise of the name George was documented by Baby Name Wizard Laura Wattenberg in an article for Slate magazine shortly after Prince George's birth.  It will be interesting to see if other names rooted in the name George, such as the female Georgina used  by Brooke Anderson or Georgia, rise along with George in the coming years.

Has Brooke Anderson started a new trend by using two names for her daughter?  What other first and middle name combinations might be a fresh take on this naming style?



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December 14, 2013 7:40 PM
By elleireland (not verified)

I like it!

My daughter has a similar, two-name moniker, but hers is all girl.

BtW you don't have to make Mary Anne possessive. It's just plural.


December 16, 2013 3:28 PM
By BL (not verified)

Imagine if she had wanted to call her older daughter Kate-Victor. Why does that sound wrong but Lily-George sounds fine?

January 15, 2014 9:54 PM
By ghostine (not verified)

I love it!!!!

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