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Finally! A Van Der Beek Baby Name!

Finally! A Van Der Beek Baby Name!

James Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, welcomed a baby girl on January 25, but made us wait a whole week before revealing the name. The wait is over now. The newest Van Der Beek is named ...


Her proud dad revealed the name on Twitter. The name comes with an interesting story, which Van Der Beek shared with the ladies of The Talk. He and his wife did not know the sex of the baby and Van Der Beek says they didn't even discuss the name because they thought they needed to meet the baby first. (We at NameCandy suspect that they just have a hard time, since they also crowdsourced help for the name of their first daughter.)

Once they met her, they each came up with only one name and it turned out to be the same name: Annabel. The name Annabel is the less-popular little sister of Isabel. Annabel ranked number 519 in the US in 2012 (its femme twin Annabelle came in right at number 100). The popularity of all variants of the name have been steadily climbing for the past twenty years but have shown a steep increase in the past 5. In The Baby Name Wizard, Laura Wattenberg observed that women prefer the name spelled 'Annabel' and men prefer 'Annabelle.' We wonder if, when James and Kimberly both thought of the same name at the same time, they also thought of the same spelling? Little Annabel joins big sis Olivia, born in 2010, and big bro Joshua, who joined us in 2012. 

Which spelling do you prefer, -el or -elle?



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February 1, 2014 2:06 PM
By Miranda (not verified)

Lovely name, and even lovelier sib set!

I personally prefer the spelling Annabel, or the Scottish variant Annabella (born by the mother and a daughter of James I, King of Scotland).

February 2, 2014 9:03 PM
By 3sgc3 (not verified)

I prefer Annabelle, as Annabel to me looks like it should rhyme with Cannibal. :-P

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