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Larrymania Hits with Daleyza—the Fastest Rising Name for 2013!

It's a big day for Name Candy and name aficionados everywhere, as the top names of 2013 were just revealed! We're devouring not only the most popular names, but the names that rose the fastest during last year. 

In the top spot for fastest-rising names is Daleyza, which rose by 3,130 places to reach #585 in the top 1,000. It not only took the biggest leap for girls' names, but surpassed the fastest-rising name for boys—Jayceon, which jumped up the charts by 845 spots. Daleyza made a splash on the reality TV circuit with Larrymania, a Spanish-language show on mun2 featuring singer Larry Hernandez and his family. 

His oldest daughter Daleyza, pronounced on the show "dah-LAY-za", reminds us of names like Delilah, Azalea and Delaney (all of which rose in popularity last year). Hernandez gravitates toward names that start with D for his daughters. His youngest, Dalary, was born at the end of 2013. He and his longtime girlfriend, Kenia Ontiveros, also considered the name Dayana.

Daleyza is another hot name that proves the power of reality TV to inspire expecting parents. Larrymania had more than 7.7 million viewers for its first two seasons, and is drawing lots of attention for its current third season. We can expect Daleyza and Dalary to be seen on millions of screens in the next year and it's a safe bet that their names will continue to have influence. Our very own Baby Name Wizard, Laura Wattenberg, explains that "reality TV is of the biggest style makers today because it gives us a constant new stream of names from all over the place."

What do you think of the name Daleyza? What are your favorite girls' names starting with D?



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