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Lauren Conrad Announces Her Baby's Gender With Adorable Photo

Lauren Conrad baby gender
Image via laurenconrad/Instagram

Oh now, this is exciting news! We've all be following Lauren Conrad's pregnancy -- she makes growing a baby look so dang gorgeous!!! -- but now the former reality star turned fashion designer and lifestyle guru is revealing some really fun news for those of us on babywatch. In a super-cute Instagram post, Lauren revealed the sex of her baby -- so finally we can all stop the guessing!

Here it is. The exciting news. It's a GUY baby! 

Lauren Condrad baby boy annoucement

That's right. Lauren Conrad and husband, William Tell, are expecting a little boy in the next month or. Commenters filled Conrad's Instagram feed with tons of well wishes and congratulations to the mom-to-be. Cue the baby boy name inspiration now!

Could it be William II, a.k.a, Will, or Wills, or Willie, or Billy, or ... maybe she'll name him after her dad Jim or brother Brandon? Or maybe she's going to pick one of those boy names already favored by the crew behind her site LaurenConrad.com, like, River, Sailor, Jasper, Jackson, or even Carter ...

We're rather fond of Sailor Conrad Tell -- so fabulous. 

Huge congratulations to the happy parents-to-be. 

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