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My Miracle Baby Needs a Perfect Name!

I was told I had no viable eggs after going through chemotherapy for cancer, but now I am pregnant with a little girl. I have always loved the name Claire and my husband loves it as well, which is great, but we are stuck on a middle name. Ann is both my mother's middle name and mine. Its meaning in Hebrew is "God has favored me," which I love. But "Claire Ann" doesn't flow and we have a short last name, too, that goes with NOTHING. What should I do?

– In the No-Flow Zone

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your amazing, unexpected pregnancy! Whatever one's religious beliefs, it's impossible to hear a story like yours, with this immense joy coming out of suffering and despair, and not feel grateful. Not only are you pregnant after doubting you ever could be, but you also have a chance to give your daughter the name you've cherished for years, without husbandly vetoes or uncooperative baby genders: a truly rare event!


City Names: The Place to Person Transfer

Last week the Social Security Administration released the most popular names of 2009.  Brooklyncame in at #37 for girls, and this top 50 ranking turned our thoughts to city names.  Other city names in the top 100for girl names: Madison at #7; Victoria (British Columbia), #31; Sofia, #36; Savannah, #40; Sydney, #48; Charlotte, #68.  And for boy names: Justin (MN) at #45; Austin, #63.

What makes for a winning city to baby name transfer?  You tell us.  What's your favorite city name already being used as a given name?  Or, what city name is an untapped resource?

Here are some suggestions to get your thoughts flowing:

  • Paris
  • Barcelona