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Is This Baby Name Too Like Tallulah?

My husband and I are having a lot of trouble finding a baby girl name. We have a 15-month-old daughter named Tallulah. We recently fell in love with the name Ayla. I worry it is too similar to Tallulah, especially as they will be so close in age. What do you think?

–Looking for a Sweet Sister Name

Picking a name is so much harder the second time. You're in good company with your questions about sib sets, as many of my previous columns on this subject show. While the whole world of names was open to you originally, now you've got another child to consider when debating your second daughter's name, and your striking, fashionable choice for your first daughter will foreclose other possibilities.

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Are Alyssa and Eliza Too Much Alike?

The only girl name my husband and I agree on is Eliza. The problem is, my name is Alyssa. They don't look similar, but they sound very similar. Are these names too alike, in your opinion?


Yes, I'd definitely notice the similarity, and call these names too close for comfort. As you mention, they actually don't share many letters in common, which makes them look distinct when written down. But the similar sound is more than enough to trip everyone up and cause confusion, especially since you're not trying to name your daughter after her mom.


Joey McIntyre Welcomes a New Baby to the Block

Joey McIntyre, of New Kids on the Block fame, and wife Barrett welcomed their second son into the world on Sunday December 13, 2009.  PEOPLE reported that Rhys Edward joined his brother Griffin Thomas (2).  Check out Joey's Tweets for updates.  At first glance, the newest baby on the block's name might appear very different from his older brother's name.  But on closer inspection, there are quite a few similarities -- giving us clues as to why Joey and Barrett might have chosen the names they did.

Check out the similarities in the two boys' names: