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DEBUTING TONIGHT: fabulous names in the hot new show Glee

Mercedes, Finn, Rachel – these are just three of the names making a prime-time debut tonight on the television show Glee. Glee centers around the motley crew in McKinley High School’s Glee Club as they pursue the ever elusive dream of making it to Nationals. Lucky for us name aficionados, Glee holds true to the great tradition of high school romance-comedies – names give big clues as to what season one might have in store for us. For the students we have: Kurt, the nerd; Mercedes, the tough diva; Arty, the geek; Tina, the shy girl; Rachel Berry, the ambitious talent; Finn Hudson, the handsome and popular quarterback who loves to sing but has a reputation to protect; Quinn, Finn’s protective girlfriend; and Puck, Finn’s arrogant football teammate. And then for the adults in the story: Will Schuester, the good-hearted teacher; Emma Pillsbury, the side-kick teacher who believes in the cause and in Will; Terri Schuester, Will’s no-nonsense wife; and finally the flinty cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester. Hmmm... could Puck prove to be mischievous and mocking? Might Mercedes have a moment of humility on the road to Nationals? Perhaps Finn and Quinn have a nice rhyme but no real romantic future? Only time will tell how the names bear out. But don’t get too excited yet – tonight’s showing after American Idol is just a teaser, a “preview event” for fall 2009, when Glee arrives on air full-time. --D.J.


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