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Happy Birthday, Shiloh (And Welcome to the Top 1000 Names!)

Today marks the third birthday of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, fourth of the six stylishly-named children of Brad Pitt and Angelinia Jolie.  Avid followers of Laura Wattenberg's BabyNameWizard.com blog might recall that Shiloh was her pick for "Name of the Year" back in 2006.  With two years of Social Security Administration data to check since Shiloh's birth, we can now see how one little girl has impacted our national naming consciousness. Checking the Name Voyager, you can see the name Shiloh has rocketed from zero to, well, 650 in just two years.  Pretty impressive. Though maybe not as impressive as her sister Zahara's middle name, Marley, which made it into the ranks of the fastest rising names of 2008. How's that for sibling rivalry?

Popularity of names starting with SHILOH


Popularity of names starting with MARLEY




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