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Kristinia Kicks off a New Variation on Christina

Most of us already know that there are numerous ways to spell the names Christina and Christine.  For those of us who don't, BabyNameWizard.com provides the following list: Kristina, Cristina, Christiene, Khristina, Khristine and Kristene.  According to the blog, the name Christina is currently ranked 125th in the United States, although its greatest popularity came in the 1980s.  Is the name about to make a comeback in a brand new form?  It is if Kristinia DeBarge has anything to say (or sing) about it!  Born in 1990, Kristinia has just released a new hit song entitled "Goodbye" that is putting her unique name front and center.  As radio DJ's across the country struggle with this new variation on an old name (the name Christina first hit the top 1000 names of the decade in the 1880's according to the Social Security Administration), we are willing to bet the name Kristinia will become commonplace itself within the next few years.



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