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Summer Baby Season: Forecasting Names on the Way

Summer Baby Season: Forecasting Names on the Way

From the putting green with Annika Sörenstam to the set of Ugly Betty with Ana Ortiz, there are a lot of pregnant celebs out there this summer.  Which means -- lots of new names about to enter the scene.  Who's at home making name lists?

***Actress Mira Sorvino and husband Chris Backus have baby number three on the way. People says no official word yet on the due date, but it's looking like August when this bun-in-the-oven will join sister Mattea Angel (4 1/2) and brother Johnny Christopher King (3). With an Angel and a King already, what might Mira and Chris give their third as a middle name?  Serafina, Queen, Emperor?

***Annika of LPGA fame and her husband Mike McGee are expecting their first child.  They've announced a girl is on the way, so in making their short list, might they draw inspiration from the names of female golf greats ?  How about a little Mickey, Kathy, Babe or Nancy?

***Kari Byron of Mythbusters and husband Paul Urich are expecting their first child.  On the show, Kari is always pointing out the truth behind our mistaken assumptions.  How will this translate to baby naming?  Will she tell us the story behind a misunderstood appellation?

***Singer Kelis is 8 months pregnant with her first child -- a boy.  Might Kelis and her husband, the rapper Nas, put aside their differences (the couple is currently estranged according to People)to collaborate on name lists?  Perhaps Nas will turn to Destiny, his 15-year-old daughter, for recommendations.  Down the road, look to see if this little boy's name makes it into his parents' songs!   

***Nicole Richie (pictured) is awaiting child number two, due in August.  She and boyfriend Joel Madden have a daughter Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden (16 months).  Will the baby-on-the-way get a name with that many pieces?  Probably, to keep things equal and all.  Could we see Summer, Autumn or Spring as a middle name in keeping with the seasons theme?

***Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty fame is expecting a girl with husband Noah Lebenzon.  The due date's next month.  Ana told People that she and her husband have a short list of names to take to the hospital, and then they'll wait to they see what suits the newborn.  Might they find inspiration from the Ana's show -- perhaps a little baby Hilda or even a Betty?

Any suggestions for these parents as they sit around the kitchen table with baby books, pencils and pens?  Be sure to check out Baby Name Wizard to find out more about specific names, where they come from and popularity.  As summer progresses and tempertures heat up, stay tuned to find out which names make it from the short list to the birth certificate!



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