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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Star in "The Proposal"

Sandra Bullock's new movie "The Proposal" was a number one hit at the box office its opening weekend and number two this past weekend.  In honor of its success, we decided to take a look at the cast and list of character names.  Is fact better than fiction?  Does the name Sandra win against the character's name she plays, Margaret?  If the movie can take top honors, maybe some of the names will be taking top honors soon as well.

Sandra Bullock: Margaret Tate.  According to the Social Security Administration, in 2008 the name Margaret beat out the name Sandra in popularity by a whopping 262 spots!
Ryan Reynolds: Andrew Paxton.  The name Andrew wins over the name Ryan by a less astonishing 6 spots in 2008.
Malin Akerman: Gertrude.  This one is a wash.  Neither name was ranked in 2008.  If we must pick a favorite, however, we choose Malin.
Mary Steenburgen: Grace Paxton.  The name Grace beats out the name Mary with a ranking of 21 (Mary was ranked 97 in 2008).
Craig T. Nelson: Joe Paxton.  The name Joe beats out the name Craig by 177 spots.
Oscar Nunez: Ramone.  Ramone wasn't ranked in 2008, so the name Oscar wins with a ranking of 119.
Betty White: Annie.  Like Oscar, Annie wins by default.  The name Betty wasn't ranked in 2008.

The characters' names in "The Proposal" nearly blew out the actual cast members' names in popularity!  Do you agree with the rankings?



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