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Summertime Names -- An Inspirational Season!

As the calender pages turn and July begins, summer has most certainly arrived.  In addition to vacations and heat waves, might these middle months of the year provide some naming inspiration?

Summer, an obvious choice, drawn from the season at hand.  June, July, August -- surprisingly lovely, great for a first name or a middle name.  And then, taking a look around and feeling the air, we find some less expected sources of inspiration: Sun (perhaps Sunny), Rain, Sky, or maybe even a little Humidity?

And don't forget the names blooming in your garden, as summer flowers have some great names: Aster, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Ginger, Gladiolus, Heather, Hydrangea, IrisRose.  Rose is a popular middle name these days -- and could make a fabulous match with another summer themed name.  Just say Summer Rose or August Rose out-loud and you can feel the heat of the sun and a gentle breeze!

Some fun background on a few of these summer names:

*June -- derived from the Latin Juno.  That's right -- Ellen Page's character was not the first Juno.  This one is the Roman mythological goddess of marriage and the queen of the gods. 

*August -- comes from the Latin word for great, venerable.  Many of the summer names have a feminine tilt, but not so with August, which works equally well for both genders. 

*Ginger -- started out as a nickname for someone with red hair, but is now used more widely.

*Daisy -- this flower name comes from the Old English for daeges eage, day's eye, because of that round yellow center looking like the sun!

We got this information from BabyNameWizard's Namipedia, so go there and explore for more insight!

Two personal favorites are June and Summer -- simple, strong and full names!  Do you warm to any of these seasonal names?  Any other suggestions for names associated with this summertime season?



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November 10, 2014 7:30 PM
By Gatsu (not verified)

Unique posting, nice idea for this and also a great blog. Thank you..

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