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Names To Live By: Honor, Grace & Other Virtuous Names

In times of turmoil, wouldn't it be nice to have a name that offered guidance on how to live?  If you started to panic about your mortgage, the argument you got in with your neighbor or all the screaming headlines in the newspaper, you could just remember your name and calm right back down.  Wouldn't it be loverly?  Some celeb parents thought so!  

Here are some names whose very meanings and sounds offer built in advice on how to approach life:


  • offers meaning: a reminder to act with dignity and integrity, and with respect for oneself and others
  • offers the sound: the softness of the first syllable meets with the strength of the n and r consonants  
  • famous examples: Honor Marie Warren (b. 2008), daughter to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren


  • offers meaning: a reminder of the beauty that comes from kindness, mercy, and thanks, and from looking beyond oneself
  • offers the sound: that gentle g combined with the long vowell softens the r and readies us for that soft and open-ended c
  • famous examples:  Grace Elisabeth Armstrong (b. 2001), daughter to Lance Armstrong; Grace Fan DeVito (b. 1985), daughter to Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito; Grace Jane Gummer (b. 1986) to Meryl Streep and Don Gummer; Grace Anne Matthews (b. 2001), daughter to Dave Matthews and Ashley Harper; Grace Kelly (b. 1929, d. 1982), a film star who became the bona-fide Princess of Monaco


  • offers meaning: a reminder to see the delight, felicity and kick-up-your-heels-ness of life
  • offers the sound:  short & bursting, with a jolting j that sends us up up and away
  • famous examples: Joy Anna Duggar (b. 1997), daughter to reality T.V. stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar; Joy Wilson (b. 1994), daughter to Chandra Wilson of Gray's Anatomy fame


  • offers meaning: a reminder not to be hasty, to think circumspectly, and to act with wisdom
  • offers the sound:  the soft p opens us up, but before we get too crazy, a bunch of consonants slow us down with their steadfastness
  • famous examples: Prudence Farrow (b. 1948), Mia Farrow's sister, but best known for inspiring the Beatles's song Dear Prudence

For more info and more examples, check out BabyNameWizard's Namipedia and NameCandy's own Celebrity Baby Name Look Up -- and with such names, it never hurts to explore your dictionary.

Can you think of other names that offer excellent sounds and jewells of wisdom all in one?  Know a Dignity?  Or a Respect?  There's got to be a Love or two out there.  And we didn't even talk about Barack -- our President's first name means blessing in Swahili!



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