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Ashley Dupre, Monica Lewinski, Maria Shapur and Rielle Hunter-The High Profile Mistresses

When Govenor Mark Sanford of South Carolina revealed he had a mistress located in Argentina, he joined a long list of politicians who had their own affairs while in public office.  The woman's name, Maria Belen Shapur, was released a short time after his announcement.  As shocking (and depressing) as it is, we now have quite a number of high profile politicans' lovers' names to compare.  Let's look at our top four.

  • Bill Clinton/Monica Samille Lewinski: Funny enough, according to Babynamewizard.com, some people believe the name Monica came from the Latin "moneo", which means to advise.  We are thinking Monica should have gotten some advice of her own before starting an affair with the president!
  • Eliot Spitzer/Ashley Alexandra Dupre: According to Babynamewizard.com, the name Ashley originated from a surname derived from Old English elements meaning "dweller of the ash tree forest."  Although this young lady has the most distinguished sounding name of our four picks, her birth name was Ashley Youmans and her stage name for Eliot was simply Kristen. 
  • John Edwards/Rielle Hunter: We have to give Rielle credit.  Not only is she the oldest of these four mistresses, but her name is the most unique...or so we thought.  Rielle was actually born Lisa Jo Druck, which isn't very unique at all aside from the spelling of "Jo" for her middle name.
  • Mark Sanford/Maria Belen Shapur: Saving the best for last, according to Babynamewizard.com, some believe that Maria means "mistress or lady of the sea."  Nothing further needs to be said on that one.

So whose name has been ranked higher on the most popular name list?  According to the Social Security Administration website, both Lisa and Ashley have been ranked number 1 in at least one year, but Lisa wins with a ranking of 1 for 8 years in a row (1962-1969).



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