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Hailey Glassman Revives the Name Hailey?

According to Babynamewizard.com, the name Hailey is currently ranked number 25 in the United States.  The newest Hailey to enter our radar, Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, hasn't even hit age 25!  While Hailey appears to have stolen Jon's heart from his wife, Kate, her name also beats Kate's in popularity by a whopping 114 spots in the rankings.  Our guess is, even if the new relationship falters, the name Hailey will experience a resurgence from all of the press.  After all, the Gosselins are known by mothers around the world.  This Hailey, who seemingly came out of nowhere to grab our attention, will probably do more for the name Hailey then Haylie Duff and Hayley Williams (lead singer of the band Paramore) combined.  With all the different spellings for the name (Babynamewizard.com also points out Haley, Haylee, Hailee and Haleigh), each new "Hailey" can surely carve out her own spot in the world.  Let's just hope it does not involve breaking up a marriage!



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