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Looking to the States for Inspiration

In The Ugly Truth, Cheryl Hines plays a woman named Georgia.  Curious, we decided to look up the popularity of the name Georgia, and we found it ranked 312 in popularity in 2008 according to the Social Security Administration.  While we like the name Georgia, we like one variation of it even better, which was used by the CW for Gossip Girl: Georgina.  Georgina hasn't made the most popular names list since 1992, but we expect it to make a comeback because of the popularity of the tv show. 

How about the names of the other forty-nine states?  While we can't really see anyone being named New Hampshire or Rhode Island, Arizona and Alabama don't sound too bad.  In fact, both names have made the most popular name list for at least one year.  Alabama was even used by Zelda Fitzgerald as the main character in her novel Save me the Waltz.  And let's not forget the Dakotas (North and South).  Could they have been inspiration for Dakota Fanning's parents? 

What state-inspired names do you prefer, and who can you think of who already has one?



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August 4, 2009 7:37 PM
By Dominique

Here's another to add to the list: Alabama Gypsy Rose, daughter to Drea de Matteo of The Sopranos fame.

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