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New Baby Alert: Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger

New Baby Alert: Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger welcomed a baby boy, Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger, into the world today.  And so designers are just like us -- they have babies too.  But perhaps better clothed ones.  Will Sebastian go through the well-worn tradition of little siblings:  the hand-me-down cascade?  Or does being Hilfiger's son mean new clothes each season?  Either way, this baby will no doubt be well-attired.  

Tommy's not new to the baby or naming business.  People reports that though this is Hilfiger's first child with wife Dee Ocleppo, Tommy has four children from his previous marriage: Ally (24), Rich (18), Elizabeth (15) and Kathleen (13).  Plus, Dee has two sons from her previous marriage.  Good thing Tommy has a big house(s)! 

The Baby Name Wizard comments that though Sebastian used to be considered a prissy name in the U.S., those days are gone.  Sophistication is back and this elegant name fits right in!  So while Sebastian spent the last century in the bottom half of the 1000 most popular names, since this century began this name has been on the up-and-up.  It is currently ranked 74th.  And Thomas provides the classic American cool for which Hilfiger's clothes are known.  

Maybe Tommy and Dee took naming suggestions from their brood.  Might the kids have said that the name must have suitable nicknames?   S.T., saint, Seb?  Or in the spirit of the portmanteau, Sebatho!  No matter what he's called at home, Sebastian Thomas certainly sounds runway worthy to us!

Know any elegant sounding names you are particularly fond of these days?  Do share.



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