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Mackynzie Renee Duggar Breaks Duggar Family Tradition

Josh and Anna Duggar, famous for their spot on the TBS show 18 Kids and Counting, are expecting a baby girl!  Breaking with the celebrity habit of keeping the new baby's name a secret until after the birth (and maybe even beyond), the young couple has already released the name of their precious one: Mackynzie Renee Duggar.  In addition to telling the media the name early, this announcement is shocking for another reason.  Josh and Anna have not followed the tradition set by their parents Michelle and Jim Bob - that of naming the children with first names starting with a "J".  Look at the list of Josh's siblings:

Jana Marie
Jill Michelle
Jessa Lauren
Jinger Nicole
Joseph Garrett
Josiah Matthew
Joy Anna
Jedidiah Robert
Jeremiah Robert
Jason Michael
James Andrew
Justin Samuel
Jackson Levi
Johannah Faith
Jennifer Danielle
Jordyn-Grace Makiya

His parents may have been boring to stick with "J" names, but we think the names they did pick are great!  Who would have picked out Jinger???

So what is Josh's excuse for not following the family tradition?  Was his wife not being supportive?  On the contrary!  According to msn.com, the baby's name starts with an "M" as a tribute to his mother, Michelle.  Here's to betting the next 20 of his kids will be "M" babies as well!



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