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Charlene and Myla to Take on Serena and Venus

Serena and Venus Williams have defeated their fair share of tennis players, winning multiple Grand Slam titles.  Could their most fierce opponents, however, presently be in diapers?  Roger Federer, winner of the most male Grand Slam singles titles in history, and his wife Mirka (formally Miroslava), welcomed twin girls Charlene Riva and Myla Rose on July 23rd.  

Born in Federer's home country of Switzerland, how do the twins' names rank in the US?  The name Charlene hasn't made the Social Security Administration's list of most popular names since 1999, but Myla was ranked 602 in 2008.  Can Serena and Venus compare?  The name Serena was ranked 374 in 2008, but Venus hasn't ranked since 1982.  The two sets of twins appear to be pretty even for now, but little Charlene and Myla have time on their side and very good genes: Dad Roger just won his 15th Grand Slam title and their mother used to be a tennis ace in her own right.  It looks like Serena and Venus have some big competition coming...in the form of two little girls for now.



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