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New Baby Alert: Jennifer Hudson has a boy

New Baby Alert: Jennifer Hudson has a boy

Jennifer Hudson and fiancé David Otunga welcomed a baby boy into the world on Monday August 10, 2009.  PEOPLE reports David Daniel Otunga Jr. is the first child for the couple.  Though naming a son after his father is a tradition probably almost as old as naming itself, it's rare in the Hollywood world.  Case in point: Apple, Bronx Mowgli, Banjo.  But Jennifer's not playing by the Tinseltown rules, as she refused throughout her pregnancy to confirm or deny the reason behind her growing belly bump.  But unlike secretive Tobey Maguire, Jennifer didn't make us wait for the baby's name.

So what about David Daniel?


  • from the Hebrew for beloved
  • second Israelite king in the Bible
  • in the top 1000 names since the 1880s
  • peak popularity #2 in 1960s
  • currently ranked #14

       for more details see David's entry on Namipedia!


  • from the Hebrew for God is my judge
  • a prophet whose faith kept him safe in a den of lions
  • in the top 1000 names since the 1880s
  • peak popularity #7 in 1980s
  • currently ranked #5

      for more details see Daniel's entry on Namipedia!

Either Jennifer and David wanted names with strong biblical connections or this is a striking coincidence.  Both names are also clearly favorites in America, with their stronghold in the top 1000.  But what about the nickname front? With the many Davids and Daniels out there, all sorts of variations appear in the kindergarden classroom.  What do this little guy's parents plan to call him?  Dan? Dave? Davey?  DD? Double D? D squared? Danny? Junior?  Suggestions of your favorites?

Congrats to the new parents, and should they have a second baby, one of the female variety, here's hoping for a Jennifer Kate Junior! 

-- D.J.


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