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The Other Woman - Scheana Marie Jancan

Although a model, Scheana Marie Jancan was basically an unknown before magazines started reporting she was John Mayer's new eye candy.  Having just publicly dumped Jennifer Anniston at the time, it was definitely news that the young stunner had come into his life.  However, it appears that Scheana's five minutes of fame (or at least that is how long the alleged romance appeared to last) has been stretched to ten.  Obviously not one to shy away from men with significant others or men freshly out of relationships, Scheana has now been linked to an affair with Eddie Cibrian (already famous for his alleged affair with Leann Rimes).  We would hate Scheana if we didn't love her name so much! 

Having never heard of the name, we decided to look it up.  Sure enough, the unique name Scheana has never ranked in the top 1000 names according to the Social Security Administration.  We bet it will rank shortly enough...or maybe after Scheana's next scandalous fling brings her into the limelight for another five minutes!



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