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Girls Gone Bad - Lynette, Bonnie and Lizzie

We alerted you to the dangers of naming your little boy with an unconventional name, but could there be danger in naming your little girl with unconventional names as well?  We are sure there is research out there to cover this, but we thought we would do a little research on our own.  What women out there rival the worst men?  Well for one, Lynette Fromme was just released from prison where she was being held for trying to assassinate President Ford.  Lynette, however, is not that unconventional of a name.  In 1975 (the year she committed her crime) it was ranked 350 according to the Social Security Administration, and the name was ranked an even higher 312 when she was born.  So who else can we look at for our research?

There is Bonnie, the famous female of the Bonnie and Clyde duo.  In 1910, the year Bonnie was born, the name Bonnie was ranked a pretty impressive 183.  And who can forget the story of Lizzie Borden?  Accused of murdering her parents with an ax, her name was ranked 67 in 1880 (although she was born in 1860, 1880 is the earliest year the Social Security Administration began ranking names).  

So based on these three bad ladies, it doesn't look like you need an unconventional name to be bad.  What other ladies with a dark past can you think of?



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