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Baby Forecast: Bumps Mean Names On The Way

Baby Forecast: Bumps Mean Names On The Way

Back in June we forecasted on the Summer Baby Season.  Now in the final weeks of summer it's time for an update, as new belly bumps have appeared.  Babies and names are on the way for some prominent mamas-to-be!

Céline Dion

Céline just announced that she and husband René Angélil have a second child on the way.  This bun-in-the-oven will join brother René-Charles, 8 1/2, and René's three children from two previous marriages.  Based on the Dion family standard, this is a tiny family -- Céline is the youngest of 14 kids!

Forecast:  For their son Céline and René drew upon the father's name.  If they have a girl, might there be a little Céline running around? Céline comes from the Latin for heavenly, reports Baby Name Wizard , and can also be a short form of Marcelline.  Might they go with an otherworldly theme: Star or Divine?  A French name drawing on the Mom's French Canadian roots: Pierre or Etienne?

Kendra Wilkinson

The reality star has not only announced that she and husband Hank Baskett are expecting a baby around Christmas time, but, bucking hubris, she's also released the baby's gender and name.  PEOPLE reports Hank Baskett IV is the baby behind her bump.  Jennifer Hudson and hubbie also recently chose the father's name, David, though their little baby is a Junior, not a IVth!  See here for more on Jennifer's name choice.

Forecast: None needed.

Amy Ryan

The actress from Gone Baby Gone and The Office is pregnant with her first child with financé Eric Slovin, a comedy writer.

Forecast: Both parents have a short and snappy first name.  Might they want to go in the opposite direction with their own baby?  Madeline, Alexandria, Sebastian, Antonio?  Or will their mutual appreciation of funny people lead them to draw on a comedy great -- Lucy, Chevy, Elaine, Mike? Or what about the famous women Ryan portrayed in Tony nominated performances -- Stella from Streetcar or Sonya from Uncle Vanya?  Not that those last two were the happiest women in the world.  

Sarah Chalke & Judy Reyes

How will these actresses' bumps look in scrubs on Scrubs?  Chalke is due in the winter, her first child with fiancé Jamie Afifi, an entertainment lawyer.  Reyes's is expecting a girl come November with boyfriend George Valencia.

Forecast: Has being part of a medical show brought up tenderness for medical names of ages past?  Florence, Sigmund, Hippocrates, Jonas, Elizabeth?  Perhaps Judy will draw on her Dominican descent in naming her girl: Leta, Ana, Arva, June, Oria are all in Babyname.com's top ten Dominican names.

So on these hot and humid August days, we can sip cold drinks and engage in some serious name speculating.  What do you think?  Any suggestions for these expecting couples?  Who would you add to their name lists?



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June 14, 2013 3:36 PM
By Brenda Lee Reed (not verified)

Well, these names are quite notable. I think it's nice and easy to remember.

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