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The Office Premiere & Creed Bratton's Real Name

Tonight at 9/8c the hit comedy show The Office returns with its sixth season premiere.  Looking to the names filling Dunder Mifflin, Creed Bratton continues to catch our eye.  That is both actor and character name, as actor Creed Bratton plays character Creed Bratton.  But, unbeknownst to many, William Charles Schneider is this actor's given birth name.

Why might he have gone in for the switch?  Creed is not a common choice -- not only has this name not ever made the top-1000 names, but no name beginning with Cre- has ever made the top-1000.  Like other word-to-name shifts, Creed sounds both familiar and foreign in this new context.  The noun creed comes from the Latin "to believe," and can mean a set of fundamental beliefs.  Did something shift within this actor and he wanted a name change to represent a life-change, a new set of guiding principles?  In other words, does Creed have a strong creed?

As for the new last name, Bratton's got a no-nonsense edge.  Appropriate, given that the other Bratton in the public eye is William Joseph Bratton -- Chief of Police of the LAPD and who worked for the NYPD and the Boston Police department.

We approve of the actor's choice -- not that there's anything wrong with William Charles, but Creed Bratton has a different kind of pizzaz.  And the actor must be happy with his name too, if willing to share it with his character.  But we wonder if this gets confusing on set -- did they just call for Creed the quality assurance representative, or Creed the actor?



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