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New Baby Alert: A Boy Named Charlie for Les Moonves and Julie Chen

New Baby Alert: A Boy Named Charlie for Les Moonves and Julie Chen

Another new baby! Celebrity Baby Blog reports that Julie Chen and her husband Les Moonves (CEO of CBS) welcomed son Charlie this morning, September 24. Charlie is Julie Chen's first baby.  Les Moonves has three children (their names are Adam, Michael and Sara) from a previous marriage. 

Charlie is a recent celebrity favorite, shared by Charlie John Oldman, Charlie Axel Woods, Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell, and Charlie Ballerina Sisto (the latter three all born in the last year). As these examples show, the name has crossover appeal. The full name Charles is still more popular for boys, but Charlie is on the rise for boys and girls (#307 and #736 respectively in 2008). In fact, Charlie may be that rare thing: a name that doesn't lose its boyish appeal even after it's adopted for Team Pink.

We find it equally charming for both. What do you think? 


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September 24, 2009 5:50 PM
By Jennie

I wonder if the baby's full name is Charles? I do think it's interesting how Charlie has quickly become a girl's name in celeb sets.

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