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New Baby Alert: Samantha Burke Welcomes Sophia, her daughter with Jude Law

New Baby Alert: Samantha Burke Welcomes Sophia, her daughter with Jude Law
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Sophia is the name for Samantha Burke's daughter with Jude Law.  24-year-old Samantha Burke confirmed to PEOPLE the Tuesday, September 22 birth and name choice.  No word on Jude's involvement in name decisions or in the many child-rearing decisions to come.  Sophia is Samantha's first child and baby number four for Jude.  His first three are with ex-wife Sadie Frost -- Rafferty, Iris and Rudy.  

Why Sophia?  From Greek and meaning "wisdom," Sophia stretches back centuries.  Namipedia tells us Sophia is even a choice of royalty -- back in the 17th century King James gave the name to infant daughter.  And yet with Sophia's current popularity -- 7th in the United States -- that old time wisdom also sounds hip and feminine, a blending of old and new.


Readers on Baby Name Wizard remind us of several famous incarnations of the name -- Sophia Loren, Sophia Coppolla and The Golden Girls matriarch -- Sophia Petrillo (played by Estelle Getty).  Three very different women, and yet the name works for each one -- from sexy sophistication to Hollywood royalty to non-nonsense Sicilian.

What do you think of this name choice? Any favorite nickname variations (perhaps Fia or Soph)?  The baby name Sophia went from being ranked the 132 most popular name in the 1990s to  # 20 in 2003 -- any thoughts on why the big jump in popularity?




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May 20, 2014 7:26 AM
By Maria Justin (not verified)

Great to know that the name of the child is Sophia, the name for Samantha Bruke’s daughter with Jude Law. I never knew that the word Sophia in Greek means wisdom and is a symbol of royalty. I also felt that the name Sophia is very good one and very impressed to know more about

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