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Initially Yours: Alonzo Mourning Spells "Junior" A.H.M

Naming after dad is a tradition that has been falling out of fashion for years.  NameCandy.com's Name Lady has previously addressed the pros and cons of naming your son Junior. One of the obvious cons of naming a baby after his dad is the potential naming inequity that could ensue when a second son is born.

Basketball great Alonzo Mourning and wife Tracy have come up with a clever solution to the problem. Alonzo himself is technically a Junior (his full name is Alonzo Harding Mourning Jr.) and his eldest son, who goes by Trey, is Alonzo III. When a second son was born last Friday, September 18, 2009, the Mournings named him Alijah Harden.   Alijah is pronounced ə-LIY-zhə, just like the name Elijah, but according to the Miami Herald, the Mournings chose the non-traditional spelling so their youngest could share the same initials as his dad and older brother.  The Mournings also have a daughter, Myka Sydney

Can you think of other celebrities who have come up with creative ways to honor parents in their baby names?



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