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Jake Pavelka Goes for Round Two

Turned down by Jillian last season on The Bachelorette, Jake Pavelka will now take his turn at finding love.  ABC announced last night on Dancing With the Stars that Jake Pavelka will be the new Bachelor.  So the question is, what can the female contenders know about Jake from his name?

The name Jake was originally a pet form of Jacob, but is now often bestowed as an independent first name (see babynamewizard.com).  Rumor has it on the internet that Jake Pavelka is really Jacob Pavelka.  The name Jacob is derived from the Hebrew Yaacov and means "seizing by the heel, supplanting."  (That is quite funny considering we saw Jake try to undermine Wes on the show!)  The name Jake is currently ranked 112 in the United States, although the name's popularity peaked in 2004.  The name Jacob is ranked number 1.

No names have been released for the contenders, but if Jake wants to meet his match in name ranking, there should be an Emma (ranked 1) or a Lucy (ranked 112)!



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January 5, 2010 12:38 PM
By Bridgette Jamail (not verified)

Jacob is actually Jakes real name and he is exactly a "what you see is what you get guy" Jake and I dated for about five months nearly 7 years ago when I was a student at TWU in Denton Texas. I met Jacob at Covenant Life Church on Trinity Mills in Carrolton TX but he didn’t talk to me until he saw me that same afternoon at the local barns and noble. I was amazed that this really adorable guy was talking to me (I was just a dorky nursing major studying for my NET test) He was so sincere about his religion and family and when he asked me out I simply couldn’t refuse. He took me to Copeland’s in Dallas on our first date and then we went out in his Mitsubishi 3000 and drifted in the parking lot of the mall. The next few times Jacob and I went out were an exciting blur. I remember meeting his family at there quaint Denton home and seeing his very messy room (he hadn’t made his bed and I could tell he was embarrassed) Jacob and I stayed friends long after we went our separate ways. He still had feelings for his x, the pageant queen and I was just very young, only 21 at the time. After I moved back home Jacob would often fly down to Houston where my Dad worked as a Fire Fighter... Daddy would go by and pick Jacob up from the air port and bring him to our house to visit for the weekend....I keep getting calls from my Nana about the "nice boy that I dated that is now on TV" I just hope that all the hype that people are saying about "Jake" just chills because he is a really good guy and although I doubt that he is shallow enough to find love on a ridiculous TV show he is exactly what he says he is "a nice guy!"

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