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Max, Maurice, Spike & Where The Wild Things Are

Max, Maurice, Spike & Where The Wild Things Are
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Where The Wild Things Are opened this Friday, bringing two beloved names back into our consciousness -- Max and Maurice.


Maurice Sendak created Max, the boy who escapes home via his imagination, journeying to an island full of wild things. Sendak's book is a classic, and his Max is familiar to almost all children and their parents -- how can you forget the call to "let the wild rumpus start!" But what about the name Max -- how popular is this name? Name Voyager tells us that Max has been in the top 1000 names since the 1880s. Where The Wild Things Are does not seem to have directly increased the name's popularity, but perhaps it was a contributing factor to helping Max retain its popularity. Max went from #225 in the 1950s to #348 in the 1960s to #383 in the 1970s. And then there are all sorts of variations including Max -- Maximilian (top 1000 since 1980s); Maximus (top 1000 since 2000); Maxwell (top 1000 since 1880s). Maurice is also a name that holds its own -- in the top 1000 names since the 1880s and currently #405.


The other name essential to the film is Spike -- as in Spike Jonze. Though a name familiar to followers of celeb gossip and quirky independent films, Spike does not make the top 1000 names. What you might not know about this Spike -- his birth name is Adam Spiegel. As Jonze said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine, his hair earned him this nickname while he was working in a bike shop. So what to do you make of this trio? Did you read of Maurice's Max growing up -- or do you now read it to your children?




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October 20, 2009 8:25 AM
By Zoerhenne (not verified)

Love the name Maxwell with nn Max. Also love Adam, Spike not so much.

October 22, 2009 11:14 AM
By Lane

Spike has grown on me since someone I know chose it. Love that there are two famous movie directors named Spike (Jonze and Lee).

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