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A Name for Jim Carrey's Grandson-to-Be

A Name for Jim Carrey's Grandson-to-Be
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People love talking about weird and unusual baby names (see our item from yesterday on Bronx Mowgli Wentz).  But how often do we talk about celebrities who have given their babies really, well, ordinary names? Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane, now a 20-something singer and demi-celebrity in her own right, is expecting her first baby in March.  So will plain-named Jane Carrey follow in dad's footsteps and give her baby a classic name?  

According Celebrity Baby Blog, Jane plans to name her son Jackson Riley.  It's a more of-the-moment naming style than her own name was when she was born. (Jane ranked 332 on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular names in the 1980s; Jackson is currently ranked number 32 and Riley is 109 and rising). 

What do you think of Jane's baby name choice? And what of Jane's willingness to go public with the name months before baby arrives?



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