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It's a girl for Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson: Lucille

It's a girl for Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson: Lucille

Maya Rudolph and director Paul Thomas Anderson welcomed their second child, daughter Lucille, last month, her rep told people today. Lucille is welcomed by big sister Pearl.

Lucille continues this week's streak of baby names beginning with "L." Lucille, the #615 most popular name in the US in 2008, peaked in popularity in the 1920s and re-entered the top-1000 in 2003 after almost three decades off the charts. 

Both parents perform comedically -- did Rudolph and Anderson deliberately reference comedians in their daughter's names? Pearl's middle name, Minnie, is after Rudolph's mother, singer Minnie Riperton. However, Pearl Minnie calls to mind Minnie Pearl. Lucille, meanwhile, is a name shared by Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame. 

What do you think of Pearl and Lucille?



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December 7, 2009 11:28 PM
By Margaret (not verified)

Pearl and Lucille are lovely. Lucille always makes me think of one of a family of sisters in my dad's hometown, the Duffy girls. Lucille Duffy (later Lawler) was a tireless historian of her rural community--a teacher and a writer. She and her sisters were remarkable people, and many were long-lived. All seven sisters: Lucille, Evadeen, Geneva, Betty, Marie, Ruth, and Regina (pronounced reh-JIN-na).

December 8, 2009 8:43 AM
By Lane

I'm intrigued -- sounds like the set up of a novel. They have great names.

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