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New Baby Alert: Rhys Darby names second son Theo

New Baby Alert: Rhys Darby names second son Theo
Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

Actor Rhys Darby and his wife welcomed their second son just before Christmas: Theo. Theo joins big brother Finn.

Theo, a short form of Theodore, meaning God's Gift, is a perfectly charming name shared by the sons of Natascha McElhone and Steven Spielberg. (It's also what Bryce Dallas Howard calls her son Theodore.)  But we felt sorry at first for young Theo Darby.

After all, his father's Flight of the Conchords costars recently named their children Sophocles and Vita. Wouldn't Theo feel left out with such a common forename? However, as it turns out, Theo only feels popular. It isn't, in the US at least, where it hasn't consistently placed in the top-1000 since 1939. (The name appeared low on the charts a couple of times in the forties, and once in 1986.)

This makes Theo more or less equivalent to Vita, which was in the charts in the early decades of the twentieth century, and last made an appearance there in 1935. (Sophocles, on the other hand, has never appeared. Jemaine Clement and wife win the quirkiness contest!)

Of course, in other countries, it's a different story. Theo is the #5 name in France, and is also very popular in Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Norway, England and Scotland.

What do you think of Theo? Would you prefer a Theo or a Sophocles?



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