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Bristol, Tripp, Sasha, Malia

Bristol, Tripp, Sasha, Malia
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Move over, movie stars. Names from the political scene are also hot.

The seventh fastest rising girl's name of 2009 was Bristol, which made its chart debut this year at #666. The name Bristol made its way on to the national radar thanks to Bristol Palin, the most famous teen mom in America. Also rising fast is Tripp, the name Bristol chose for her son in 2008, the year Tripp first appeared on the charts. Tripp is ranked #671 this year, making it the 26th fastest-rising boy's name. Also on the list of risers: Bristol's sisters Willow (#68) and Piper (#121). (Check our database for other celebrities named Willow and Piper.) Not making this list: Tripp's uncle Trig.

We wrote earlier this week about Churchill names. Turns out the Obamas are also not lacking in name mojo. The fourth fastest rising girl's name of 2009 was Maliyah, with Malia making the list at #9. Sasha was also the #51st most popular girls' name. According to Laura Wattenberg, this double-dip trendsetting "makes the Obamas the most influential namers in American politics since President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland." Read more of her take on the hottest names at Baby Name Wizard.com.

What names from politics make you swoon?



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