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From the Runway to the Nursery: Baby Names Inspired by Fashion

It's Fashion Week, and celebrities have descended on New York City to check out the Spring 2011 collections from heavy hitters like Tommy Hilfiger, Derek Lam, Diane von Furstenberg, and Carolina Herrera.

Celebrity and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand, and it wouldn't surprise us if some stars use fashion to inspire more than just their clothes. Courteney Cox and David Arquette have said they named their daughter Coco after the first two letters in her mom's first and last name. And that may be, but for the rest of us the name is synonymous with the legendary Coco Chanel. Actor Diane Farr, most well-known for her role as FBI agent Megan Reeves on NUMB3RS, also has a daughter named Coco, and we're betting her Coco wasn't named for Courteney Cox!

Sure, there is that certain gold statue in Hollywood who goes by the name Oscar, but there's also that other Oscar, who in some fashion-loving circles might be even more highly coveted -- Oscar de la Renta. Actors Gillian Anderson and Hugh Jackman both have sons named Oscar. Writer Madeleine Wickham has a son named Oscar as well as a son named Hugo... after Hugo Boss, perhaps? Speaking of Hugo, actor Jeffrey Tambor named his youngest son Hugo Bernard.

Designer Allegra Hicks' line is known for being bright and full of whimsy, which seems appropriate for a woman whose first name comes from the Latin for "cheerful." Actor John Leguizamo liked the name so much he gave it to his daughter, whose full name is Allegra Sky Leguizamo. And of course, back on the fashion scene, designer Donatella Versace named her daughter (and now budding young model) Allegra.

The athletic shoe and sportswear company, PUMA, isn't exactly haute couture, but it was good enough for musician Erykah Badu, who named her daughter Puma in 2004. Of course Badu might have been more inspired by the female lion, but surely the popular tennis shoe brand, which has stores all over the world, helped plant the seed.

Interestingly, designers have a tendency to choose more traditional names for their own children. Tommy Hilfiger's kids are Ally, Rich, Elizabeth, Kathleen and Sebastian. Vera Wang has two daughters named Cecilia and Josephine, and Donna Karan has one daughter named Gabrielle, who goes by Gabby.

What do you think of fashion-inspired names? Would you name your baby Coco? What about Manolo or Prada? Or do you prefer names like Cecilia and Gabrielle?

-- V.L.


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September 13, 2010 6:08 PM
By Caitlyn (not verified)

eh. Most of the names cited are legitimate names on their own, without being from the fashion world. A strong connection seems unlikely. (Coco is probably an exception to that.)

But giving the last name of a designer as a first name, such as Prada or Armani, is a much stronger connection. In those cases, I have no objection to it, as long as it has a reasonably attractive sound. Designer names, like surnames, place names, and common nouns, are part of the pool of potential names, and any of them are fair game if they have the right sound.

September 15, 2010 6:08 AM
By MM (not verified)

Although it doesn't call to mind a strong association, it's worth pointing out here that Coco Chanel's real first was was actually Gabrielle.

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