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Matt Damon's Baby Name Curve Ball Revealed

Matt Damon's Baby Name Curve Ball Revealed
AAR/Fame Pictures

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have welcomed their baby and unveiled her name: PEOPLE reports it's Stella Zavala Damon. The fourth daughter for the movie star and his wife, Stella joins sisters Alexia, Isabella and Gia.

Stella's name was the subject of much speculation here and elsewhere on the web. We even set MatchMaker the task of predicting likely choices. Most namer's circl's predicted a frilliana name or a name with Latin flair. With Stella, Damon and wife split the difference, and chose a rhyming name to boot.

In fact Stella is the Goldilocks name: shorter than Isabella, but longer than Gia. Less popular than Isabella, but more popular than Gia. Like Ella, Stella was the height of fashion in the 1890s, but reached the brink of extinction in the 1990s. In the aughts, Stella's sounded fresh again, a brighter twist on Ella. It's zooming up the charts, but it isn't especially Latin.

In fact, we suggest that the Latin influence was less a factor in Matt Damon's other name choices than we previously thought. Instead, Damon's overriding name aesthetic may belong to what we might call the Celebrity Dude Favorite milieu. Stella was chosen for a daughter by movie badasses Antonio Banderas and Harvey Keitel, and Mario Lopez has a daughter named Gia. With Stella, Matt Damon shows he's one of those guys.

What do you think of Stella Zavala? Did you see it coming?



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October 24, 2010 8:02 PM
By Melanie (not verified)

Interesting that Stella and Gia share the middle name Zavala. I wonder if it is also Isabella's (and Alexia's?) middle name. I've never heard the name anywhere else, perhaps its a family name.

November 1, 2010 2:15 PM
By Jenny (not verified)

I did not realize that there was such a rigid formula for naming babies. Isn't it typical for parents to just name a baby a name they like or has meaning for them? I know that is how I have named my four children (I wonder what sort of generalization people would make about who I am based on my children's names). I love thinking of baby names and reading naming blogs, but I am really tired of how this process has almost become like a formula for some experts.

September 22, 2014 6:14 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

I really love this , blog, the articles is really cool. and , Really interested of every celebrity babies that have amazing names. I'm excited for every blog that you post.Such amazing names for babies. for the baby named Curved Ball is really cool, Matt Damons have a good choice for his baby name :)

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