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A Scandalous True Tale of Celebrity Baby Namer's Remorse

A Scandalous True Tale of Celebrity Baby Namer's Remorse
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Well, well. Belated congratulations are due to Bones star David Boreanaz and his wife, Jaime Bergman, on their daughter Bella.

Nope, you didn't miss a pregnancy. You missed a case of celebrity baby namer's remorse, with a scandalous twist.

When we announced the Bella's birth last year, she wasn't called Bella. Instead of the popular Twilight-enhanced It-girl name, the baby bore the celebri-tastic name Bardot Vita.

At Name Candy we were more or less fans, writing that Vita had "the makings of a hit." (True that: between Matthew McConaughey and Flight of the Conchord's Bret McKenzie, Vita was 2009's Cosima).  Bardot turned out be prescient too, with Sandra Bullock subsequently choosing Bardo, and Ever Carradine choosing another celebrity surname, Chaplin.

But elsewhere, the name made few friends. From "Why would you name your daughter after an outspoken racist?" (referring to Brigitte Bardot's convictions for racist remarks) to that classic namer's put down, "It sounds like a stripper name," fans who tindered their opinions mostly agreed Bardot Vita was an example of "another celebrity naming their child something weird."

Well, it turns out that Boreanaz-Bergmans agree: they have officially swapped out Bardot for Bella. Several months ago, in her mother's words, "her nickname became Bella and we thought it was a better fit for her." (Keep your eye on that wording, folks.) In July, Bergman confirmed on Twitter that the baby's official new name is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz.

No big deal, right? Everyone loves the name Bella, and it's a better match with the popular Jaden. And as our own Laura Wattenberg has written, Namer's Remorse is not uncommon, and changing a child's name isn't any shame.

So why didn't the couple officially announce the new name? Why are Name Experts and news outlets just getting wind of the change? Readers, we have a theory. Normally, being primarily name enthusiasts, we have little truck with celebrity gossip, but here it just seems necessary. Because it turns out David picked the name in the first place. Then, the drama.

Let's read between the lines a little bit to find out more about this all-true tale of celebrity namer's remorse. Here, as we can reconstruct it, is the sequence of events:

  1. Two weeks before the baby's birth, David, inspired by a photo of Brigitte Bardot, chooses Bardot as a name.
  2. While Jaime is in labor with Bardot, David reportedly exchanges several text messages with a a Professional Celebrity Mistress.
  3. Some undetermined amount of time after, eaten up with guilt, Boreanaz comes clean to Jaime.
  4. And the press.
  5. Somewhere amidst all this: the couple stops calling the baby Bardot -- David's choice -- and begins to call her Bella instead.
  6. The baby's name is changed officially from Bardot Vita to Bella Vita Bardot.

Could it be that Bella was was Jaime's favorite all along? Did she change her mind about letting David have "his" name, once she found out how badly he'd behaved?

Readers, we think that she did. 

What do you think: is this case of Namer's Remorse also a case of Namer's Revenge? And do you prefer Bardot or Bella?



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November 9, 2010 2:15 PM
By Jessi (not verified)

If it me I would change it, but I would also leave him too. Ha!

November 9, 2010 3:00 PM
By Tirzah (not verified)

That seems like a stretch. I think they were unaware of the racist baggage of the name Bardot. Once they found out, they felt awkward using it, so they demoted it.

November 9, 2010 5:22 PM
By Twil (not verified)

Agree with Tirzah, they probably found out about the racism, and are trying to cover up the egg on their faces.

November 10, 2010 1:20 PM
By Elissa (not verified)

Aww... poor baby. What an icky story.

November 19, 2010 3:28 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Bella Vita sounds like a joke now. I mean Bella Vita please. I am tired of Bella. You hear it everywhere and it is not that great of a name.

July 5, 2012 5:45 AM
By Elyse Rockwell (not verified)

Could it be that Bella was was Jaime's favorite all along? Did she change her mind about letting David have "his" name, once she found out how badly he'd behaved?

June 4, 2014 5:13 AM
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