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The Year in Dead Celebrity Names

We lost some great celebrities in 2010. On the upside, it gave us a chance to talk about their names. Here's our rundown of the year in celebrity obits, Celebrity Name Blog-style.


In Memoriam: The Age of Coreys

In March, Corey Haim's death had us nostalgic for the quintessential 1980s heartthrob name. 


Lena and Elena in the news

Lena Horne, a singer we like, died in May. A woman named Elena was nominated for the Supreme Court. Oh, and Social Security Administration had just released data on the most popular names in the US in 2009. This monster catalogue of -lena and -lina names was the result. 


Wat'choo talkin' about, Willis? The Names of Gary Coleman

We still think Willis has comeback potential. 


Will Rue McClanahan's Death Inspire Namers of the Future? and Why Rue McClanahan was the Original Renesmee

The 'Golden Girls' star's June death inspired not one, but two columns. Don't miss the comments on the second post, where readers share the mashup names lurking in their family trees. (Terbrie? Lilma?)


Gym Teacher's Name Inspired Rock Band

In September, Leonard Skinner -- namesake of Lynrd Skynyrd -- died. We were prompted to think of all the names that are cooler than Leonard. 


The Late Leslie Nielsen Made His Name Work For Him

Upon the Airplane star's December death, we noticed how perfect his name was for a mid-career shift from swashbuckling to goofball. Almost as perfect as Shirley. 


Want to see our other year end roundups?


What names in the news will you remember from 2010?





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December 27, 2010 5:37 PM
By Mom (not verified)

I like Lena!

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