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Why It's a Good Week to Be Named Will or Kate

Why It's a Good Week to Be Named Will or Kate
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If you are named Will or Kate or any version of those names, perks abound in the UK this week. Want a free pass to the horse races, or to A Right Royal Rave? How about a free ride on the London Eye? Perhaps a free day at a castle or the zoo? It's a good time to book a flight to London.

In the lead-up to this weekend's Royal Wedding, businesses around the UK are offering all kinds of bonuses to folks named William and Catherine, especially when they are traveling together. From free museum passes, tram and zoo tickets, or free entry to Warwick Castle, Wills and Kates can expect to be treated very well during the event some business people see as "a kind of global advertisement for Britain."

Some offers apply to any Will, or any Kate, but Wills and Kates who are couples can really expect special treatment. Married Wills and Kates will receive upgrades at certain hotels. Sporty Wills and Kates can win limited-edition shoes embroidered with their names. Writes New Balance UK on their Facebook page, ten running couples named Will and Kate -- "(or Catherine, Katie, William, or any other valid derivative!)" -- will win personalised, commemorative running shoes, or "trainers" as those adorable Brits call them.

Which raises a question, doesn't it? Catherine, William or any other valid derivative? We wonder how far they will go in defining valid. Kitty and Liam seem likely to fly. What about Guillaume and Katja? Or Catalina and Spike? (In the Buffy-verse at least, Spike stands for William the Bloody.) Or how about a couple named Caitlin and Wilhelmina?

We like the idea of special treats awarded simply for having a particular name. If only Royal Weddings weren't so few and far between. 

Do you know any couples named Will and Kate? What are your favorite names related to Catherine and William? 



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April 19, 2011 7:44 PM
By ColleenE (not verified)

Too bad there aren't any special deals for Colleens. Ah well.

I actually know a brother and sister named William and Katie, whose dad is our aunt's husband's brother. I wonder if that counts...?

April 20, 2011 9:48 PM
By AnotherStephanie (not verified)

As we were choosing names for our second child (a delivery surprise), I realised that we've started a bit of a "British Royal" theme for *middle* names in our family...

Our first daughter's middle name is Elizabeth, after both of our maternal grandmothers (handy that they shared a name!). We will choose William as a middle name if we ever have a son, to honour my father-in-law, and, when our second little girl arrived, we chose Katelin as her middle name to honour our mothers (KAThryn and madELIN).

Also, my husband points out that both girls have the word "tea" in their names, which is also rather British, I suppose. ;p~ (Teaghan Elizabeth and Mattea Katelin).

(I did realise this overlap when Mattea made the "short list" of girls' names, but loved the meaning enough to keep it in the running. So few girls names mean "Gift"...she's a Christmas baby...and Mattea, like Matthew, means "Gift of God"...).

April 26, 2011 4:30 PM
By Top 10 Name of the 70s (not verified)

I am a Kathryn - spelt the short way to facilitate "Kate" (which I go by) as opposed to "Kathy" - which we hate!

Kate and Will are very popular here in Australia - probably both in the top 20. There ae lots and lots of sibsets and couples here - as I imagine there is in the UK.
Wish I was there to cash in on some freebies!

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